The Residences at W Boston Bring on the Wow Factor

For the Residences at W Boston it's been three years of marketing amidst a great recession in early 2010 and bankruptcy proceedings, but it's 2013 and what a difference a few years makes.... more »

State of the Downtown Boston Condo Market: Prices Hit Record Highs

There is a lot of buzz around the current downtown Boston real estate market. You’ve probably read that the Boston condo market is very hot, that inventory is very low, that multiple offers are driv... more »

What to Expect from Your Condo Inspection

Home inspections are standard protocol in purchasing property, whether a condo or a single-family home. Most buyers make their offers to purchase a home contingent upon their satisfaction with a home ... more »

Terraces, Roof Decks and Patios Add Value to Boston Condo Living

ne of the most coveted features of a downtown Boston condo – particularly when the weather warms up – is on-site outdoor space. This is an added bonus to any condo, as well as a value added featur... more »

How About a Pied-à-Terre in Downtown Boston?

Are you familiar with the term pied-a-terre? Have you heard your collegues or friends talking about wanting a pied-a-terre in downton Boston, but aren't quite sure what it is? Dating back to the 1920s... more »

How to Choose a Mortgage Lender

Although you may have obtained a financing pre-approval letter from a lender as part of the process of determining what you can afford to buy and in conjunction with the offer process, you are not obl... more »

Double-Duty Guest Rooms

When searching for condos in Boston, my clients often ask,  “Where will I put my guests?” or “What will I do when my kids when they come to visit?” For most of my clients, a guest bedroom wit... more »

Where’s the Parking?

Parking is a precious commodity in downtown Boston – whether you’re in the city to try a hip new restaurant, attend the premiere of a show or check out a long-awaited exhibit at one of our many fi... more »

Looking for a One-Bedroom Condo in Boston? Here’s the Scoop.

I’m often asked, “So, what does it cost to get a one bedroom condo in Boston?” My response is, “That depends on the neighborhood.” Using Boston’s South End neighborhood as an example, at... more »

Got Multiple Offers on Your Boston Condo? What’s a Seller to Do?

If you’re selling your Boston condo, or any home for that matter, and you’ve priced it competitively for today’s market, where inventory is very limited, it’s quite possible – if not likely ... more »