Broken City: An Advance Screening Treat

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My subscription to ensures that I’m always in the know about what’s happening in Boston, from concerts, to movies, to festivals and sporting events. This digital service delivers information on local entertainment, customized to my interests and preferences, and often sparks an idea for something interesting and fun to do that may not be top of mind. When delivered an offer for complimentary passes to an advance screening of Broken City, the new movie starring Mark Wallberg and Russell Crowe, I immediately opted in and received my e-ticket for two. In light of the caveat to arrive early since admission was not guaranteed, we arrived at the Regal Fenway Stadium 13 theatre one-and-a-half hours in advance. The long, slow moving line made me skeptical as to whether or not we would get in. Luckily, we made the cut! Though I certainly would have paid to see the movie, which I highly recommend if you don’t mind gritty films, it was fun to see it for free. Check out and maybe some event will spark your interest and your day!