The Modern Murphy Bed: Space Saver Ideal for Condo Living

Courtesy of Pulp Design Studios

In a typical suburban home, you have distinct spaces for distinct uses. For example, you have a living room, an eat-in kitchen for informal dining, a formal dining room, an office or study, bedrooms and a family or entertainment room. For most of us, living in Boston means living in more limited space. This requires thinking in a non-compartmentalized way. The best way to use limited space is to double up on functions—combine living and dining space, bedroom and office space, a family room and guest bedroom, for example. With some thought, space can be designed with flexibility to accommodate a variety of uses. Murphy beds are great space savers and can be integrated into a home office, closets, drawers and even dining tables, allowing you to maximize space and make your room multi-functional. Formerly the bane of studio apartments and the subject of slapstick comedy, today’s Murphy beds are sleek, elegant and comfortable. They can be custom designed to fit your space, your needs and your style—from contemporary to traditional, wood to laminate—just like any other custom built-ins. Whether you need a queen, full or twin bed, drawers, closets, an office set-up or extra storage, the options are limitless. The most sophisticated Murphy beds are electronic, remote-controlled and retractable. Most companies that are known for closet systems, such as Closet Factory or California Closets®, work with clients from design to implementation to transform unique spaces to meet their individual multifunctional needs. In your condo search process, when you see a smaller room and question whether or not it can work, think outside the suburban box. Think about how you will use the space most often and then consider your secondary uses, and perhaps a custom wall bed concept will be the solution.