Gaga over Gloves on Newbury

Here in Boston, we think of gloves as an accessory to keep our hands warm in winter.  So one cold gloveless evening while walking on Newbury Street, I stopped into Sermoneta, a colorful and chic boutique, dedicated to finely crafted gloves and other accessories.  Sermoneta is an Italian company that has been in the business of gloves for 70 years. The brand came to North America seven years ago, first to New York, then Chicago and most recently, in November 2011, to Toronto and Boston.  Due to the climate here and also the owner’s affinity for Boston (having spent time at Harvard), this specialty retail shop and Boston’s high-end Newbury Street fit like a glove.

An Italian gentleman, Roberto Calò, who I learned is the company’s business development manager in the US, assisted me in my search of the perfect glove. I learned quickly that Sermoneta gloves are a work of art. All the leather gloves are high quality (you can feel it) and hand-made in Italy by two to ten artisans per glove, depending on the detailing. The gloves are beautifully displayed in groupings—by color or style. What’s so surprising is the variety. Sermoneta offers gloves for every season, for warmth or just for style, for everyday use or for formal occasions, such as black tie events or galas. The range of leathers, colors, styles and lengths is mind-boggling, and is truly eye candy for any fashion lover. In addition to plain kid cuff leather gloves, there are 200 different styles, which include more exotic leathers such as wild boar, alligator and python, various fur trims (mink and rabbit), suede, fingerless gloves, iTouch gloves, sequined gloves and gloves with ornaments, buckles and bows. With over 40 different colors, including lime, blueberry and purple, they offer about ten shades of brown. You’ll find an exquisite glove for every occasion and outfit, along with a men’s collection, too.

At Sermoneta, the focus is on a custom fit and the personal assistance of a sales associate makes the glove shopping experience here unique. Each glove will fit differently so your size may vary depending on the style. The sales associate will tell you your hand size, find your style of interest (or spark your desire to be a little adventuresome), and then place the gloves on your hands. What I gleaned from a conversation with Mr. Calò is that the company wants to sell what is right for you and wants you to feel like the glove buying experience is a treat. Take my word for it… it definitely is.

Leather gloves range in price from $69 for a pair of kid leather unlined gloves (in more than 20 color options) to up to $900 for stand-out wild boar skin gloves. Kid leather gloves lined in cashmere run about $85. The choices seem endless and hard to resist. I couldn’t! Angelina Jolie wore Sermoneta gloves in the movie, The Tourist. When you find gloves that fit your style, you know you’re in great company! This winter—or any season—visit Sermoneta Gloves at 111-115 Newbury Street for a sensory shopping experience and the opportunity to take your wardrobe to another level.