Follow That Truck! Food Truck, That Is!

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Spring is here and Boston’s official food truck season has begun.  The program that was launched by the city as a pilot in 2011 now welcomes 56 trucks that serve up a diverse selection of fare from vegetarian tacos to Sri Lankan noodle dishes to jumbo lobster-salad sandwiches… and a full range of other gastro adventures on wheels.  The expanded offering includes more trucks, more venues and some brick-and-mortar restaurants born out of the success of the trucks, and the reverse: some well-known restaurants, like Kendall Square’s Area Four, for example, launching food trucks.

In addition to the city program, the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy runs a separate food truck program called Greenway Mobile Eats, which boasts a line-up of 22 trucks and bikes.  Additionally, the SoWa Open Market, opening May 5th, will host nearly 40 food trucks this season.  In fact, SoWa is relocating its food trucks to the Trolley Building at 540 Harrison where the spacious covered structure is ideal as a Food Truck Court, complete with indoor seating areas for customers and parking right out front.

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Yes, Boston’s food truck scene is sizzling and allowing the city’s residents and visitors to eat well and eat well quickly. Construction-site coffee wagons these aren’t. The new generation of trucks are decorated with sleek graphics and staffed with graduates of culinary schools and high-end restaurant kitchens who are “taking their skills to the street,” says Brian Lando, vice president of programming for Food Network, which has helped fuel the trend with its Tyler Florence-hosted reality show The Great Food Truck Race.

This past Sunday’s edition of the Globe Magazine featured “The Complete Guide to Boston’s Food Trucks.”  I must admit that my curiosity – and my taste buds – piqued as I read through the epicurean options.   Last fall, while at the SoWa Open Market, I became a fan of Bon Me’s fresh Vietnamese cuisine, and I’m looking forward to sampling the fare from other mobile eateries in town.

Most trucks post their locations and menus on Facebook and Twitter, so friend and follow ones you like.  Or, click here for the City of Boston’s schedule and here for the Greenway’s schedule.  You can check the SoWa Open Market’s Facebook page on Saturday’s for the next day’s lineup:  What’s your favorite mobile cuisine in the city?