Double-Duty Guest Rooms

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When searching for condos in Boston, my clients often ask,  “Where will I put my guests?” or “What will I do when my kids when they come to visit?” For most of my clients, a guest bedroom with a full or queen size bed is a luxury, but there are ways to have your den or study serve several purposes, including use as an occasional guest bedroom. My recommendation is to design and decorate the space with its primary function as your guide. Yet, to make it comfortable for guests, consider the following:

Create a sense of privacy

If your den or study is in an open space or alcove, consider installing a retractable door, screen or curtains or at least a movable screen to separate the guest space from other areas when you have overnight visitors.

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Furnish for Multi-Use

Depending on the size and layout of the room, there are several good furniture options to consider. If the room will primarily function as a study or den but serve as an occasional guest bedroom, a Murphy bed, sofa bed or futon will work well. If the room will primarily function as bedroom, a daybed or traditional bed will work best. Make sure there is shelving, a nightstand or an end table with proper lighting for bedside reading as well as drawers for your guests’ belongings.  If there is no defined closet in the space, add an armoire, a stand-alone closet unit or a built in wall unit with hanging and drawer space.

Decorate for Multi-Use

Decorate so the space double duties as a den or guest bedroom. Hang a nicely framed full-length mirror and artwork. Add finishing touches that complement the rest of the house: rugs, pillows, throws, plants, lamps, and tasteful bedding and linens to make the room feel warm and comfortable. Also, make sure the window treatments keep out light if the room is going to be used as a guest bedroom.

If you really don’t have the space for guests and you don’t expect to accommodate them frequently, there’s no reason to shy away from a condo you otherwise love… there’s always a hotel!!