Empty Nest? Downsize Your Space and Maximize Your Lifestyle

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The concept of downsizing a home is often tempting for empty nesters. Granted, dismantling a home you may have lived in for decades undoubtedly comes with some challenges and a certain level of stress, but my clients typically express elation in the prospect of embracing a new, streamlined version for the next phase of their lives… especially when it entails moving to a new place in Boston.  While downsizing does usually signify moving into a smaller space, it can also mean moving up in the luxury arena.

For example, perhaps you have a sizable single-family home in the suburbs. But now that the kids have moved out, there’s no need for a sprawling home anymore. You and your spouse might be eyeing a luxury condo in the downtown area. While you’ll likely pay more for less space, downsizing and moving into the city does have its benefits.

Leaving the suburbs behind, you’ll enjoy greater and easier access to all that the city has to offer: great dining, cultural events, shopping, entertainment and the like.

Downsizing in terms of square footage and transitioning to a condo has its benefits:

  • Forces you to de-clutter: In a large house, it’s so easy to accumulate a lot of things over the years. By moving into a city condo, you’ll be forced to minimalize. Sell, donate or throw out items accumulated over the years that you’ll no longer need. It’ll be a fresh start – a brand new condo, no clutter, and easy access to a fabulous city lifestyle.
  • Frees up time previously spent maintaining a larger home, inside and out: A large home that requires significant time and energy to clean and maintain can be an overwhelming job for a small household. From lawn and garden care to window washing to shoveling snow, it’s time to let someone else do all the work. Downsizing to a downtown Boston condo can relieve stress in the sense that these maintenance projects are taken care of by a property management company or perhaps shared with other owners in the association.
  • Courtesy of Houzz.com

    Opens up a new opportunity to be eco-conscious: Using less electricity, water and gas will pave the way to a greener lifestyle.

  • Affords you more time to have more fun: Though downtown dwellings are often smaller, the energy of the city is so much larger. Moving from the suburbs to the city offers you a wealth of access to museums, restaurants, shopping and theatre within just a short walk to your destination or to public transportation. You will also have time to take up those hobbies and interests that you’ve been putting off for years.

While downsizing your home is a significant life change, it comes with great benefits to your lifestyle. If you’re ready to downsize, I can help by providing you with a clear assessment of the home you’re selling and the market in which you’re buying, while introducing you to the residential and lifestyle options throughout Boston.  Contact me and let’s begin the process.