Terraces, Roof Decks and Patios Add Value to Boston Condo Living

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One of the most coveted features of a downtown Boston condo – particularly when the weather warms up – is on-site outdoor space. This is an added bonus to any condo, as well as a value added feature that will be reflected in the purchase price. Outdoor spaces come in all shapes, sizes and forms and may be either private or shared. They can range from bare bones – yet still provide a place to sit and enjoy a book or a glass of wine – to luxurious with plantings and furnishings. Some may feature spectacular views of the city, the Charles River or the Boston Harbor. Outdoor space can provide owners with a bit of serenity, an expansion of living space, a great spot for entertaining and maybe even a venue for watching the Fourth of July fireworks.

Here are some basic descriptions of the types of outdoor spaces you may find when searching for your Boston condo:

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Private Outdoor Spaces

From a terrace that overlooks a not-so-attractive alley to private outdoor havens complete with lush gardens and irrigation systems, private outdoor spaces run the gamut and include the following:

  • Patio – garden-level or parlor and garden-level duplex. May be off the kitchen/living area or off of a bedroom.
  • Deck, Balcony or Terrace – positioned off of the living area or bedroom and could be front-facing or rear-facing, depending on the building.
  • Roof Deck – accessible from a penthouse (top floor unit) via full staircase, spiral or pull down ladder, for example. The deck would be an exclusive right to use, and the responsibility for the roof itself would be held by the condo association. Roof decks are more likely to have a view, relative to the spaces above.
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Common Outdoor spaces

Shared by all residents of the building, common outdoor spaces generally take the form of a roof deck or  rooftop terrace or patio. They may be accessible by an elevator or may require a walking up several flights of stairs. Some have furnishings (from tables and chairs to chaise lounges), some offer electric grills for residents’ use, and a few may even have a swimming pool.  You may find restrictions in terms of the hours of use or the number of people who can be on the deck at once. The views will vary depending on location, but there are condos with exceptional common roof decks and terraces throughout the city… the envy of any home owner. Some of the luxury high-rise buildings in Boston, like The Clarendon and 45 Province, for example, have spectacular views from a well-appointed common roof deck and others offer facilities to host a private catered party.

While it’s hard to put an exact price tag on outdoor space, the enjoyment is priceless. If outdoor space is paramount, I’ll be glad to show you condos in the city that offer outdoor space best suited to your lifestyle. Please contact me to get started.