Ideas to Infuse A Tiny Kitchen with Character and Convenience


The kitchen is definitely the heart of the house—host to family meals, casual conversations with friends, food preparation, an afternoon cup of tea, storage space for décor and accents, art studio for the kids, work space for the entrepreneur, you name it. Many of my clients have downsized in order to live in downtown Boston and access the urban lifestyle, and smaller living space, which often includes a tiny kitchen, is now a way of life. I’ve seen so many ways to expand the utility of a small kitchen and often reassure my clients that there’s no need to fret. There are tons of design ideas for compact kitchens, practical solutions to enhance utility,  and even small space appliances that can make the most of your kitchen square footage.

These kitchens from are small on space, but big on style and efficiency. Take a look and perhaps you’ll be inspired with solutions that suit your aesthetic preferences, functionality needs and lifestyle comforts.

Is your kitchen small? What design solutions or clever tips have you implemented to make the most of your space?