Boston Living: It’s the Quality, Not the Quantity of Space That Counts

Boston Brownstone Living Room Design by Leslie Fine Interiors

Many of my clients are at the stage in their lives where their suburban homes are larger than they need or more than they want to maintain now that their kids are no longer living there. Some are looking for a new adventure and have more time to pursue activities for pure enjoyment. Whether for downsizing, simplifying or a desire to live close to live theater, museums, boutiques and fine dining, downtown Boston offers an abundance of residential choices, lifestyle advantages and conveniences for people interested in city living.

Some of my clients find their biggest challenge is not selling their house, but finding a new place to live… particularly since this may require a new way of thinking about space utilization relative to their current single family home. I’ve helped many clients through this transition, guiding them in how to “think outside the suburban box” when it comes to maximizing space and furnishing a Boston condo for multi-functional use.

My colleague and interior designer extraordinaire, Leslie Fine of Leslie Fine Interiors, offered some great points on this topic in her blog post, Downsizing Dilemmas. You can read the post for insights (and gorgeous images!) on how to make the transition to a new space smooth and how to make the space itself stunning. And if you’re finding a few too many empty bedrooms in your home, if you’d like this to be your last summer of lawn and garden care, or if you’re looking for a weekend home or retreat in the city as your adventure, please contact me. I’d love to introduce you to the Boston real estate market and lifestyle.