Hot French Bistro in Hot ‘Hood


Recently I had dinner at Bastille Kitchen, the Parisian bistro with a modern twist, in Boston’s Fort Point neighborhood. This spot has been on my must-try list since its opening almost a year ago and it did not disappoint.

My husband and I opted for a seat at the bar, which had a warm, yet lively ambiance and runs the length of one of the restaurant’s massive walls. The excellent food and wine brought back great memories of our recent trip to France. I was hoping for baguettes (my indulgence), but instead the bartender served croissants (very authentic), which my husband enjoyed.

I really liked the décor, a charming mix of old and new, from wide floorboards, exposed beams, brick walls and caged chandeliers to images of the French Revolution. There was great energy in the restaurant and we bumped into friends, which is always fun, particularly when unexpected.

bastlle kitchen barFort Point has not only become a hot area for technology start-ups and new residences, it’s also a hot dining scene. Tavern Road, Row 34, Blue Dragon, Menton, Pastoral and Sportello are other really terrific places in the neighborhood, all of which opened within the past couple of years. The variety of new and noteworthy restaurants is a welcome addition for those who live and work in Fort Point, as well as those looking to explore beyond some of the tried and true restaurants in the city.

If you haven’t tried Bastille Kitchen in Fort Point, add it to your list! I’d love to hear your must-try spots in Boston’s new dining destination.