Color of The Year: Inspiration for Your Next Home Décor Project

Each year, Benjamin Moore and all the other paint manufacturers choose one color they believe signals the color trend for the following months. This year, sophisticated hues are taking center stage. Benjamin Moore took a sharp turn from its 2016 pick, Simply White, to name this year’s preferred color, Shadow. This dramatic, smoky plum color is exciting because it is bold and unexpected. You can really play around with how you use it in your home—creating a strong statement to a softening backdrop. It is a lot more versatile then you would think.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are some ways to use the rich hue of Shadow in your Boston condo.

Start small. If you’re cautious about using a deep color, consider introducing it on an accent wall, in a powder room or in a study to add some personality to your living space.

Create drama. Sometimes an intense, bold hue in an entryway does the perfect job of setting a sophisticated tone for your home.

Pair it with rich accent colors and accessories. I love how Shadow makes the red rug and fuchsia chairs in this room really pop.

Choose a room with natural light. Shadow follows the rhythm of the day, bringing brightness into the space in the morning, and dialing down the energy at dusk.

Look beyond typical color pairing. Here, the use of black trim with shadow provides a grounding element. It’s sophisticated and soothing.

The use of dark or strong colors in your home is a reflection of your personal style. If you’re considering repainting to refresh your home in preparation for selling it, bold colors can be a distraction and a possible deterrent to prospective buyers. To best position your home for sale to attract the most buyers, who want to imagine their life and their style in the space,  a fresh and neutral palette works best.

What do you think about Benjamin Moore’s color choice? How would you use Shadow in your own home?