How to Maximize Every Square Foot with Space Saving Furniture

Living in the city may mean residing in a smaller space than what you’re accustomed to. However, your home should be a comfortable place to live, no matter its size.

There are a variety of creative solutions when it comes to compact living spaces that allows you to maximize your living space to get the most of your space in terms of functionality.

A range of furniture including twin and queen space saving wall beds, bunk beds, tables, and other home essentials effortlessly transform from one use to another, allowing one space to perform multiple functions.

Here are some of my favorite examples of smart, stylish and forward thinking space saving furniture pieces:

Double-duty functionality at its best: This modern Murphy Bed is a self-standing, queen size wall bed with an 8-foot sofa that includes additional storage underneath the sofa seat.

3-in-1: A twin-size wall bed, desk, and closet/shelving system all combined in one unit! The desk lifts to allow the bed to be pulled down. The shelving system provides additional storage and serves as a nightstand.

Transforming table: This multi-functional coffee table lifts and extends into a dining table. It is adjustable to various heights and can seat 10 people when fully extended!

Chic and sleek storage for shoes: Featuring a mirror on the front, this cabinet opens to reveal plenty of space to store 50 pairs of shoes.

Space saving, transforming and multi-tasking furniture is ideal for anyone looking to maximize use of space, but particularly for city dwellers, where space is limited and at a premium. Have you used space saving furniture in your home? Let me know how it worked in your space or share a photo in the comments section!

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