Preparing Your Home For The Spring Market

Spring marks the beginning of the busiest home buying and home selling season.

If you’re a prospective home owner looking to put your home on the market in the spring, don’t wait for the snow and ice to melt to begin prepping your home for sale! Now is the time to begin preparing. Do you feel overwhelmed and not know where to start? Here are 10 tips or recommendations to get a jump-start on.

In no particular order, here is your home’s to-do list. If you tackle a portion of these tips throughout the winter, you will be in great shape once the weather and market begin to thaw!

1) Take ‘before’ pictures: By taking before pictures, you can see how your home looks in photos. Does it show well? Is it too dark? Too crowded? Put yourself in the mindset of the buyer.

2) Remove heavy window treatments: Take down outdated, dirty, worn or heavy window treatments that make the room look dark. Adopt the less is more mentality. Expose as much natural light as possible. Heavy window treatments can make the room look dark, even if they are open.

3) Deep clean: Thoroughly clean your home, inside and out. From the ceiling fan to the floor, make sure you get all the visible surfaces, but also inside cabinets and closets. Be sure to eliminate any bad or lingering odors.

4) Repaint in neutral colors: Prospective buyers favor homes with simple, neutral color palettes. A fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim will give you more bang for your buck.

5) Repair the small stuff: It is better to identify items in need of repair and take care of them before the inspector finds them. If a buyer finds small problems, he/she may start to worry that larger issues exist.

6) Get rid of excess furniture: The less furniture you have in your home, the larger your space will look.

7) Depersonalize your space: Make your home a clean slate for buyers. Remove family photos, trophies, and personal décor, so buyers can visualize your home as their own and how they can make it their own.

8) Update décor: Small updates such as removing wallpaper, replacing light fixtures, changing switch plates, doorknobs, and hardware, and taking out dated built-ins can give a clean, neat and fresh appearance. The goal is to make changes that can appeal to buyers of all ages.

9) Expose natural light: Buyers are attracted to homes that are light and bright.

10) Clear out any clutter: Find a place for your belongings, but don’t overflow closets and cabinets. If there is too much clutter and stuff around, buyers may be overwhelmed and not be able to look past it to see the home’s beauty or potential.

If you spend the winter months preparing for spring, you’ll find yourself ready to take on the active spring market when buyers come out of hibernation.

Before you begin to tackle your home to-do list, contact me for a free consultation on how to best position your home for sale and to discuss your spring market plans!