Your Boston Home. Your Way. Your Lifestyle.

Buying a home is like buying a car. You have to consider the benefits of buying a new versus an older home. An older home may offer charm that may be lacking in a new home but you don’t always know what lurks and it could be a money pit. While you may like the idea of a home with some old world charm, new construction has distinct advantages. For example:

1) Less Time and Cost on Maintenance

An older home means the materials, style, systems, technology, appliances and exterior features are not new and may need repair or replacement in the not so distant future. A new home is more likely to feature the latest design and building materials. Also, warranties will be in effect, therefore requiring little additional investment (except for furnishings) for a number of years to come. This frees up your time since you won’t need to spend your weekends on house maintenance projects.

2) Opportunity for Personalization

It may be simpler and easier to live with someone else’s choices, from layout to cabinets to countertops to lighting, for example, rather than have to decide every last detail which can be exhausting and anxiety producing. However, with a new home, you may have the opportunity to customize some if not your entire home, to accommodate your needs, your style and your lifestyle. The end result may be more satisfying as it will reflect your own personal style and have your stamp of approval on it.

3) Built-in Efficiency

Older homes tend to be less efficient overall. New appliances, new heating and cooling, new windows and new insulation create a tighter home. The impact of a tighter home is greater energy efficiency and lower utility costs.

4) Smarter and Healthier

Older homes have older technology or maybe no technology as we know it today. In a new home, you’re more likely to have smart technology. This means you may have technology that allows you to automate many systems, from heating and cooling to Internet and cable, to security. In addition, a new home may use building materials and paints that have a positive impact on indoor air quality.

While buying new construction may mean some loss of old world charm and cost you more upfront, it may ultimately save you money and time. For your next Boston home, let’s navigate the options together.