Getting Your Home Ready For Sale (Part One)

Getting your home ready for sale can be a big and, for some, an overwhelming undertaking. Thinking about selling your home and wondering where to start?

Consult With A Professional: First and foremost, before you begin the selling process, enlist the help of a trusted real estate professional. I understand the mindset of potential buyers, what they look for, and potential deterrents. When I first meet with clients interested in selling their home, I advise them on any necessary repairs, serious decluttering, and updates where the benefits outweigh the costs. My advice is tailored specifically to your home and the current market recognizing that one size doesn’t fit all.

What can you do well in advance of listing your home?

Upgrade And/Or Repair: There are countless articles and blogs that will recommend upgrades and repairs but a trusted real estate advisor who knows your market can provide guidance on updates and repairs (interior and exterior) that will either help showcase your home to appeal to today’s buyer or eliminate a buyer’s concerns after an offer is accepted. While each home is unique, common upgrades and repairs may involve items from hardware, doors, leaky faucets, hardwood flooring, wall color, countertops, bathrooms or kitchen upgrades to deck, exterior, roof, landscaping or window repair.


Streamline and Neutralize: When it comes to staging, my philosophy is less is more and neutral is better. Furnishings are a matter of personal taste and can influence a buyer’s purchase decision. Not every buyer can overlook furnishings that don’t fit his/her personal style. To appeal to a wide range of buyers, it’s best to streamline and to neutralize the décor to highlight your home’s useable square footage without distraction. The goal is to present your home to allow a buyer to envision him/her self and style in your space.

Free Up Storage Spaces: Having your storage spaces filled to the max will not highlight the usable space. No matter if it’s a one-bedroom condo or a six-bedroom single family colonial, buyers need to feel confident that there is sufficient storage space (or potential for it) to fit his/her belongings and lifestyle. A good trick is to remove at least half of the items in a storage space and neatly organize what is left!

Refresh or Repaint in Neutral Tones: Paint makes a huge difference in the look of a home. Whether you just need to refresh with one coat of paint or you have to change the look entirely, use light neutral colors. Lighter colors make spaces appear larger, and neutral colors appeal to a broader range of buyers so they can better imagine themselves living in your space. And, if your room colors vary, try to neutralize and even unify your palette throughout your home.

Stay tuned for part two, the finishing touches!