How to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

For Bostonians, smaller spaces are part of the deal, and for many, the kitchen is no exception. The kitchen is the center of the home, and heart of entertaining. Learning how to maximize every aspect of available space may be difficult, but it is possible! By implementing a few space saving changes you can boost a space’s functionality, aesthetic, and make it your own.

Here are a few tips on how to do it:

Hanging Pots

Pot racks may be fixed to the wall or hung from the ceiling to hold all those pots and pans that would ordinarily take up significant space in cabinetry, on shelves, or on the stove top or counter. This solution saves precious space for other storage needs.


Keep items in containers rather than randomly placed for better organization and space utilization. Thankfully, there are a many varieties and choices when it comes to container storage. Group items that are used together or are in the same category such as: coffee, mugs, spoons, spatulas, or whisks. This way, they will be right at hand when you need them.


As for shelving, you can be creative and go vertical! Add additional shelving in your backsplash, or around your kitchen to store smaller items you regularly use such as plates, coffee mugs, spices, and smaller appliances. This approach will free up the counter space for meal prep and larger appliances that are more challenging to store. And, it allows you to keep everything easily accessible, without cluttering the counter space.

Interior Cabinet Organizers

One of the most under-utilized, yet efficient spaces in a kitchen is the inside area of a cabinet door. By using an organizer to hang over the door, or adding hooks on the door, this hack gives immense potential to hang items you use, but want to keep hidden or out of the way. Store your dish towels, pot lids, spice rack, mugs, and more with this clever storage hack.

racks for inside kitchen cabinet doors Beautiful Kitchen Inside Kitchen Cabinet Door Storage Rack Image Spice

The Island

If you have the square footage, add and your kitchen doesn’t have an island, add one! Kitchen islands are equal parts aesthetic and function. They can be custom made in the the same cabinetry and countertop as your kitchen or be totally different in material and look. And, you can find pieces that provide plenty of prep space, storage, and even counter seating to suit your specific needs and your style!

It’s remarkable how small changes can transform the functionality of a kitchen in a big way! For more ideas on how to design and maximize your spaces, check out my other blogs, and stay tuned for more.