Getting Your Home Ready For Sale: Part Two

Part Two of my blogs series on getting your home ready for sale covers the finishing touches in the process. These are best done in the weeks or days leading up to listing your home for sale and your first open house! If you missed Part One of my blog series, you can read it by clicking here.


When selling a home, you want prospective buyers to imagine themselves living there. You want them to focus on the square footage, usable space, and the home’s potential. Therefore, take a less is more approach by removing clutter, personal items (from clothes to photos), and excess furniture which can distract buyers and ultimately detract from your home’s great bones and features.

Bring in the Light

Most people love light and your prospective buyers are no different. Expose as much natural light as possible. This means you may need to remove excessive window coverings. And you may also need to install some recessed, track or ceiling mounted lights or add table and floor lamps. Make sure all lighting works and that windows are crystal clean. The goal is to make sure your home is as light and bright as possible.

Deep Clean

Before photography and your first open house, make sure to deep clean your home, going beyond your typical cleaning routines. Hire a professional cleaner or cleaning service to make your home sparkle so that it appears meticulously clean and well-kept.

Stage to Highlight Best Features 

The goal with staging is to highlight your home’s square footage, floor plan, and potential. You want it to look attractive, yet functional for varied lifestyles. Your real estate advisor should have experience to stage your home using, removing or supplementing your furnishings, linens and accessories, and be confident directing and overseeing a professional stager to help showcase your home to appeal to prospective buyers. Ultimately, you want to stage a home so that it looks great in photography and online, where prospective buyers will get there first look and hopefully not the last one!

Keep Your Home in Showing Shape

If you are still living in the home when your home is on the market for sale, it can be difficult to keep everything looking perfect day to day. Be mindful to straighten up and clean as you go. Keep a checklist of little things to do before each new showing such as put dishes away, remove trash, make the beds, put away clothes, clean mirrors, vacuum, dust, and wipe down all appliances.

Price Right

While you may get a feel for price months in advance of listing your home, rely on and trust your real estate advisor to give you the best advice shortly before listing. The goal is to price your home reasonably to attract the most buyers and achieve the best price based on the current market conditions.

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No matter what your goals are in selling your home, it’s essential to work with an experienced, trusted, real estate advisor. If you are selling your home and wondering where to start or want to explore first where you would go if you sold your home, let’s get the conversation started!