Introducing Compass Coming Soon

What Is Compass Coming Soon?

My goal is to find ways to help sellers sell their homes as fast as possible for the best price in today’s market, to help buyers find the best fit possible, and to facilitate a smooth process from start to close. Introducing Compass Coming Soon. Compass Coming Soon gives sellers the unique opportunity to reach our Compass network and anyone searching on and allows you to be more flexible in your listing, build up interest, gain exposure, and gather valuable feedback on how your home is positioned without racking up days on market, as you would in MLS. Coming Soon listings are accessible to buyers who are working with a Compass agent, and gives them the opportunity to learn about a property, and potentially view and submit an offer well in advance of the competition.

Continue reading to learn more about the features and benefits of Compass Coming Soon!

Coming Soon Features

More Flexibility
There is more flexibility with a Compass Coming Soon listing than there is with MLS, since your listing will not officially be on the market. To list with Compass Coming Soon, you don’t need to have professional photos, completed staging, completed renovations or repairs or a scheduled open house. While having these help boost demand, you are not required to have them to list.

Boost Interest and Demand
If you look beyond real estate, from Hollywood releasing trailers for movies to fashion brands debuting a forthcoming collection at a runway show, these industries have mastered the art of pre-marketing to create interest and demand. Compass Coming Soon will do the same for your home — build excitement and anticipation for your property.

Benefits of Coming Soon

Don’t Lose “Days on Market”
With a Compass Coming Soon listing, you have two opportunities to launch your property, thereby getting twice the exposure. The first time is when the listing appears on the Compass website, and the second time is when the listing goes live on MLS and aggregators such as Zillow and Redfin. In the first stage, since it is not listed in MLS, this time will not contribute to your listing’s “days on market” number. This gives you a head start in today’s competitive market!

Gain Valuable Feedback
While your listing is in the pre-market stage, you will gain valuable feedback regarding all aspects of your listing such as pricing, photos (if posted), features, and the positioning of your property. You can implement this feedback without amassing “days on market” in MLS, and make any necessary changes to your home, to the price, positioning and strategy, if necessary, before officially launching your listing on the public market.

Benefits to Buyers
Coming Soon listings are accessible exclusively to buyers who are working with a Compass agent. This feature is a new asset to buyers looking in a competitive market, as it potentially gives them the unique advantage to know about a property, view the property, and submit an offer in advance of broader exposure and potentially minimize competitive bids. In some cases, a Compass Coming Soon listing is never entered it into MLS, because it was sold to a buyer in the “Coming Soon” phase. This is a significant, and unique opportunity for buyers to be first in line to maximize their options!

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of listing with Compass Coming Soon, strategies to pre-market your home or current opportunities, please call or email me and let’s get the conversation started!