Real Estate Selling Myths

Today, there is so much information readily available online about the selling/listing side of real estate making it hard to decipher fact from fiction, reality from myth. If you’re thinking about making a transition and selling your home, the best way to get started for a smooth process from start to close is to have correct information from a experienced trusted real estate advisor. These are some of the most common myths for real estate sellers, busted!

MYTH: I Can Just Sell My Home Myself

While some owners do successfully sell their home without an agent, it is in your best interests to work with an agent who has the skills to showcase your property in the best possible light, craft an appealing online listing, price the home to be competitive in the current market, market to prospective buyers, negotiate on your behalf, and help resolve any issues that arise over the course of the transaction, from start to close.

MYTH: Weekends & Open Houses Bring Out the Most Serious Buyers

For the longest time, it has been the belief that the most serious and able buyers will come view your home over a weekend at an open house. On the contrary, often open houses and other ‘open’ events can bring in buyers who are just starting their search, curious neighbors, and those curious “just to look” for the fun of it. The most serious buyers will typically want to see your listing at the first possible opportunity; they want to be first in and can’t wait until the weekend, unless there is no other option. If a ready, willing, able and motivated buyer is interested in coming to see your place mid-week or before the open house, welcome him/her with open arms! You never know if this will be your best and only buyer.

MYTH: Winter is a Bad Time to Sell

Winter has had a bad reputation in real estate and in turn sellers focus on the fact that there are typically fewer serious buyers looking in the winter months. However, sellers are overlooking that there may be fewer listings. There are still motivated buyers looking in the winter, knowing this may serve as an advantage or any time is right for the right property. With less competition for well-positioned properties, savvy sellers should jump at the chance to list their property on the market in the winter!

MYTH: You Don’t Need to do Anything to Get Your Home Ready

While some homes are sold as-is , in the competitive market the presentation and positioning of a home makes a big difference. Prepping is not just about decluttering or a deep clean; it may include major (or minor) renovations, painting and staging to prepare for photography that will showcase your home in the best light. It is best to do so now—before a buyer decides to use such items to negotiate a lower price. Sellers that take the time to work with their agent to thoughtfully prep the home before it hits the market are likely to receive more offers!

MYTH: The Online Price is Always Right

Online valuation programs such as Zillow’s “Zestimate” will give your home an estimated price but it is not necessarily accurate and therefore you should not use it as a guide in pricing your home for sale. There are many factors involved in accurately pricing a home, many of which are left out by online valuation tools. These may include renovations, or comparable recent sales. Too often sellers believe the online estimate of their home, and overlook what their home is really worth; the value may be significantly different. To avoid this pitfall, meet with an experienced broker for a walk through of your home, who will ask detailed questions about your home, and who understands the market. In additional to giving you a more thoughtful and realistic estimate of where your property will land in terms of sale price as well as  pricing strategies to get there. Trust your real estate advisor  to give you a more realistic estimate to get started!

If you’re  thinking about selling your home and are interested in learning more about the process, or current opportunities, please call or email me and let’s get the conversation started!