Neighborhood Snapshot: Bay Village

Sometimes called the Monaco of Boston,  Bay Village is the city’s tiniest neighborhood. Keep it on your radar, because though it may be tiny, it has been infused with big developer dollars. Before we get into the current market status of this 25-acre gem, here are some fun facts about Bay Village.

  • Edgar Allen Poe was born here. His parents were actors in the adjacent Theater District
  • It was a speakeasy hub during prohibition
  • The homes look like smaller versions of Beacon Hill townhouses since many of the builders resided in Bay Village
  • Every year, the Bay Village Neighborhood Association (BVNA), host the Bay Village Annual Neighborhood Block Party featuring restaurant tables and service on the closed-down streets

Bay Village
Bay Village

After a decade of failed development plans in the neighborhood, the Marc, a rectory turned luxury condo project, is slated to open soon. If you’re looking to buy into this neighborhood, patience is key. Inventory can be low, prices can be high, but the charm and history are unparalleled.

Bay Village Real Estate Market*
Median price: $714,500
Median price per square foot: $1,015

Bay Village Listings
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*Source: Compass