Interior Design Feature: The Home Office

Remote work and job flexibility continues to rise in 2019. According to Forbes, remote work has become standard operating mode for at least 50% of the U.S. population. One of the perks of working from home is the ability to create a home office. But how does one create such a space when you live in the city and space is limited? I did some research and found some unique solutions that may just work for you!

Spare Room
If you have a spare bedroom, then you are among the lucky ones with enough space to accommodate a roomy, full-service office space.

Convert a Closet

Remove the doors, add some shelving, pull up a chair, and Voila! – a home office that doesn’t take away from your square footage.

Closet Office
Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Use an Interesting Room Divider
Have a fairly large living room? There are many unique room dividers that would serve as an interesting accent piece, while also providing separation when entering work mode.

Room Divider via Pinterest

Utilize an Empty Wall
A floating shelf can serve as a desk and all that’s left is to pull up a chair. Wayfair has some options for hanging, floating desks that take up minimal space.

Wayfair Floating Shelf

Bedside Workspace
I saved this one for last because I’m a believer that your bed should be your sanctuary and work should be left out of the bedroom, but let’s face it – city living sometimes leaves you with no other option. Get a nightstand that can double as a desk.

Bedside Office
Photo via

Are you a remote worker in search of a new place that would accommodate a home office space or just in the market for a new property in general? Contact me to get the conversation started.