Small Space Dining Inspiration

The dining area is the heart of entertainment in your home. It’s where friends and family gather to share meals, stories, laughs and make memories. With that said, there isn’t much room in most city spaces for traditional dining room options. You have to be creative with the types of pieces you choose to ensure they can accommodate guests, don’t leave your place feeling cluttered yet suit your tastes and lifestyle when you don’t have company. There are clever ways to achieve this through drop leaf tables, stackable chairs, benches, etc. Check out some of my favorite small dining options for inspiration.

Console to Dining Table

A console table provides a strong focal point and first impression showcasing your style as soon as guests enter your home. This one doubles as a dining table that can accommodate a fair amount of company for your next dinner party.

Image via Target

Coffee Table to Dining Table

If you don’t have room for a console table, a coffee-to-dining table is a great space-saving and multi-tasking option.

Image via West Elm

Stackable Chairs

Maybe your dining table is a drop-leaf or extendable and in your every day life you only need a couple of seats at the table. Stackable chairs give you the ability to provide more seating when needed, but are compact enough to put away the extras once the party is over.

Image via Ikea

Table with Foldable Stools

Not only do these stools fold, they also attach for storage under the table. So when not in use, they don’t clutter the space.

Image via Urban Outfitters

Storage Bench

The four bench seats all have storage and tuck neatly underneath the table to optimize space when not in use.

Image via Google