Five Things to Consider When Moving to Boston

Moving to Boston? Here are five things you should consider when making your move – from where to live, home prices and transportation.

1. Neighborhood 

With over 20 neighborhoods to choose from, you really want to do your homework. Make a list of what’s most important to you. Whether that’s proximity to work, public transportation, nightlife, brownstone vs. luxury building, or green space, there is a neighborhood to suit your tastes and lifestyle.

2. Getting Around …Car or No Car?

Boston has one of the best public transportation systems of any major city, including an inter-city system and a commuter system. It also has a walk score of 81 and is ranked 3rd most walkable city in the U.S. Uber or Lyft, or ZipCar are options too, depending on your needs. While having a car gives you some flexibility to get out of the city, it can be more of a hassle finding street parking on a daily basis and also adds to your monthly costs if you want to secure a defined parking space. Seriously consider whether you really need a car for your for daily life in Boston.

Boston Walk
Image via Boston Magazine

3. Small Spaces

Similar to other cities such as New York City and San Francisco, where price per square foot tends to be relatively high, you’ll need to be flexible in terms of size and use of space, and think outside the box in terms of furnishings and storage to maximize your space.


4. The Weather

As you know, here in New England we have seasons, which can mean a lovely spring and fall, hot summers (though not compared to the South), and cold winters. It can be quite cold or hot walking to work or to the train, at various times of the year. Keep this in mind when selecting a home. And, if you have a car, make sure you have a parking plan in winter and a vehicle fit for navigating icy roadways.

5. And Our Local Sports Teams 

People in the Boston area take sports seriously. When moving to Boston, it’s advisable and definitely more fun to get on board with the sports teams: the Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, and Boston Bruins. Maybe it’s all the championships, but Bostonians take great pride in their home teams. Better to adopt the teams as your own and be part of the excitement of winning!

Make Your Move

Think you are ready to make the move to Boston? To learn more about the different Boston neighborhoods, lifestyles and markets, or to set up a showing, contact me and let’s get the conversation started!