Could City Living Help You Live Longer?

I recently read an interesting article in Southern Living about a Mayo Clinic study showing a correlation between fast walkers and a long life span. It got me thinking about the health benefits of living in the city.

  1. Walking. Whether you’re a fast or slow walker, odds are, if you’re living in the city you are getting those steps in every day.
  2. Access to quality and healthy food. There’s a Farmer’s Market for every day of the week here in Boston where you can pick up fresh produce and homemade treats. (check my picks). We also have some amazing restaurant choices for plant-based meals like By Chloe and Sweet Green.
  3. Socialization. Let’s face it, it’s just easier to grab a drink or try a new workout class with a friend when it doesn’t mean getting in the car.
  4. Culture. ICA, MFA, Museum of Science. Boston is a cultural hub sure to boost your brain power.
  5. Health Care. Our hospitals and doctors are ranked highest in the nation. Whether it’s preventative care or something more serious, you are in good hands.

Want to talk more about the benefits of city living or considering a move to the city? Contact me and let’s get the conversation started!