Small Bathroom Inspiration

City-dwellers are notorious for coming up with creative solutions for space issues in our homes. However, the bathroom is one of those rooms where the clutter can get a little out of control and we dream of having a bigger space. There are some tips and tricks to maximize and create the illusion of more space. Check out some of my favorite small bathrooms for inspiration.

Vertical Tile

Forgoing tradition and opting to lay tile vertically creates an optical illusion drawing the eye up and making the ceilings feel higher and the room bigger. You can create that feel even with dark colors like in the example below.

Vertical Tile
Image Source via Plebio

Floating Vanity

Another way to create an optical illusion of more height is to install a floating vanity. The space between the floor and vanity extends the height. Bonus points if you carried the countertop over the toilet to create more storage space!

Image via Pinterest

Expanded Mirrors

Having a mirror that reaches beyond the vanity allows for more than one person to use it at a time. It also helps to make the space feel bigger with the reflection off of the mirror.

Image via Pinterest

Open Shower

By leaving the shower open or just adding a pane of glass vs. closing it in or adding a curtain, the space feels more open and spacious. It also creates an edgy, modern vibe to the bathroom.

Image via Pinterest

Large-Scale Patterns

With a large-scale pattern, like these big hexagons, the eye is tricked into seeing more square footage than there actually is in the space.

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