Small Space Pantry Solutions

Most of the challenges that come with residing in Boston arise from space constraints. This is especially true in the kitchen. Few city dwellers have large Pinterest-worthy pantries if they are lucky enough to have one at all. For those looking for creative solutions to create a pantry space within the confines of your smaller kitchen, check out some of my favorites below for inspiration!


A bookshelf transforms easily into a pantry up against any open wall in or around your kitchen. If you’re highly organized, you can keep it open like in the photo below, or add doors to keep it hidden. Ikea has some sleek options that work well. Shop here.

Bookshelf Pantry
Image via Pinterest

Custom Pull-Out

The most costly and time-consuming of the options on my list, but a custom pull out is a fantastic way to create storage in the kitchen without taking up a significant portion of space.

Pull out Pantry
Image via Google

DIY Hangers

This is a great way to utilize a wall without adding bulk with a piece of furniture or shelving. You can also control just how much space you use based on how many baskets you hang. Amazon has tons of options for you to shop.

DIY Hanger
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The convenience of mobility! A cart on wheels allows discreet storage and you can roll it next to you while you’re prepping meals so you can easily grab whatever ingredients you need.

Image via Google

Open Shelves

Open shelving is a huge trend in kitchens right now thanks to HGTV’s Joanna Gaines. Don’t forget the mason jars and stylish containers to keep this small space pantry solution from looking messy and cluttered.

Image via Google

Do you have any creative solutions to create pantry space in a small kitchen? Leave it in the comments below!

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