Small Space Entertaining Solutions

We are in the throes of the holiday season and maybe you offered to host and are now panicking because, let’s face it, city living doesn’t typically allow for a lavish entertainment space. Take a look at some small space entertaining solutions that could save the day.

Bar Cart

bar cart
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Embrace the power of multi-functional pieces such as a bar cart. You can layer it with drinks, snacks, plates and utensils to save counter and table space. Plus, you can easily wheel it out of the way to accommodate more space for your guests to move around.

Cutting Boards as Serving Platters

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Another small space entertaining solution is to utilize cutting boards as serving platters to cut down on the number of dishes in your sink and on your counter. Building a charcuterie or cheeseboard is a simple, elegant, and delicious way to bring beauty into your entertaining. Here’s a link to my favorite charcuterie board tutorial from Bon Appetit.

Vertical Wine Rack

vertical wine rack
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Equal parts functional and stylish, a vertical wine rack is a great small space solution to have your wine bottles easily accessible while also clearing up space in a bar cart of countertop for other entertaining essentials.

Creative Extra Seating

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There are many ways to create more seating for your guests. You could invest in stackable chairs if you have the space to store them when not in use. You can also use your coffee table, a cabinet, ottoman, stools, or my personal favorite, poufs.

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