Small Space Solutions: Master Bedroom

Wouldn’t we all love a sprawling master bedroom complete with a reading nook and chaise lounge? This isn’t exactly realistic though for us city dwellers. Designing a small master bedroom takes equal parts creativity and strategy. There are ways to make your oasis feel more spacious, while at the same time looking chic, interesting and zen. Here are some tips on how:

Mirrored Accent Furniture

Image via Pinterest

Mirrored accent furniture can reflect light making the space appear brighter and larger without being completely overwhelming in a small space.

Shelving vs. Night Table

Image via Pinterest

If your space is too small for a bedside table, floating shelves can be a nice alternative. They provide the same functionality to store a book, glasses, lamp without the bulk of a table.

Mirror Behind the Bed

Image via OneKinDesign

Similar to mirrored furniture, a well-placed mirror will reflect the light making the space feel larger. I personally love the antiqued look and placement of the mirror behind the bed such as in the photo above.

Unique Accent Wall

Image via OneKinDesign

Color can be overwhelming in a small space. An abstract accent wall such as the uneven brushstrokes in an inky hue pictured above adds the right amount of impact without completely taking over the room.

Circular Decor

Image via OneKinDesign

Did you know circular wall art can trick the eye into making the space feel wider? This is a fantastic optical illusion to utilize if your master bedroom is on the narrow side.

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