Spring Housing Series Part 2: Process for Sellers

In Part 2 of my Spring Market Series, I break down the process and timeline for sellers into digestible steps so you know what to expect as you embark on the journey to sell your home.

Seller Timeline

  1. Initial Consultation
    Walk through your home, provide guidance on preparing your home, discuss listing timeline, selling process, and state of the market.
  2. Prepare Your Home
    Frann provides guidance on decluttering, cleaning, repairs, and updates for preparing and staging your home pre-photography.
  3. Market Analysis, Marketing Plan, and Pricing
    Frann presents current market analysis to finalize price, marketing, and listing plan; we execute listing agreement and decide on other strategies.
  4. Complete Floor Plan, Staging and Professional Photography,
    Frann will have a professional floor plan completed, oversee staging so your home will look great for photography and an online presence, and coordinate and manage the professional photography.
  5. Market Launch
    Frann announces to local brokerage community, conducts broker and public open houses, launches print and online marketing campaign and shows your property!
  6. Accept Offer
    Frann presents all offer(s) and we decide on negotiation strategy.
  7. Buyers Conduct a Home Inspection
    These may include home, structural, pest, and other inspections, and should be completed within 3-5 days of an accepted offer.
  8. Sign the Purchase & Sale Agreement
    Seller hires attorney to draft P&S once offer is accepted. Buyer typically pays 5% deposit upon signing P&S which could occur within one week, post inspection. Frann works collaborative with Seller, Buyer’s agent, lender and attorney to bring transaction to close.
  9. Buyers Receive their Mortgage Commitment
    Timing varies, but mortgage commitments could come within 3 weeks of signed P&S and a few days before closing.
  10. Buyers Conduct a Final Walk-through
    Day of closing, the buyer will do a final walk-through.

This is quick snapshot but we will go into much more depth when we meet. Have questions or ready to start the process? Contact me and let’s get the conversation started!