Small Space Solutions: Decluttering

Tackling small, home projects is a great way to pass the time as we all practice social distancing. Living in the city, you may not have the space to add a piece of furniture to help harness all of your “stuff” or store it away in an attic or garage. Here are some small space decluttering solutions for your inspiration:

Embrace Storage Containers

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Imagine all of the loose items in your home, neatly placed in an attractive bin or basket or every day items in acrylic or plastic stackable containers allowing you to see everything. Adding labels takes the organization to the next level.

Furniture with Storage Capabilities

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Multi-functional furniture is a must-have for small spaces. There are a number of options available when it comes to furniture with storage capabilities. There are beds with drawers or coffee tables, ottomans, and benches to name a few.

Utilize Wall Space

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You don’t want to overwhelm floor space or countertops in general, but especially in smaller spaces. Start thinking vertical! Try some hanging baskets in your home office to store papers or utilize shelving and racks in the kitchen for example.

Toss It

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Old papers should be shredded and thrown away. For personal items, apply the “if it doesn’t spark joy, thank it and toss it” mantra to your life.

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