5 Ways to Combat House Hunting Fatigue

House hunting fatigue is a phenomenon that occurs in a highly competitive seller’s market. Buyers are faced with low inventory, high prices, rejected offers, and disappointment at times. Here are my 5 suggestions for combatting house hunting fatigue in today’s market.

1. Ensure Preparedness

Time is of the essence in today’s competitive market. Ensure you have all your ducks in a row to move quickly through the process such as having mortgage pre-approval, knowing your top budget going into negotiations, etc.

2. Exercise Patience

Odds are your first offer is not going to be accepted. You may end up making multiple offers before yours wins! If you go into your home search with realistic expectations, you’ll have the tenacity to see it through to the end goal of purchasing a new home.

3. Go All In

Now is not the time to play games. If you absolutely fall in love with a property, there is nothing wrong with going all- in with the hopes the seller will accept your offer. Keep in mind you may get a second chance on a particular property.

4. Revisit Your Wishlist

Is outdoor space a non-negotiable? Do you need to have a mudroom? Is there a nearby town that’s slightly less competitive than the area you desire? Take inventory of your needs and nice-to-haves and access where you have wiggle room to negotiate for yourself.

5. Choose the Right Advisor

It takes a seasoned, thoughtful realtor and advisor to balance writing a winning offer and protecting your interests. I am cautious to guide, but never steer my clients in one direction or another, and I will work diligently to help you navigate the complex landscape and meet your end goals. My approach is to bring thoughtful analysis, honesty and integrity to my clients so you can make the best-informed decisions and act with confidence.

Looking for an trusted advisor to guide you through the process? Contact me and let’s set up a time to meet!