Trending Bedroom Paint Colors 2022

Your bedroom is your personal oasis. The right paint color can help create a serene environment ideal for unwinding at the end of the long day. Scroll down for dreamy hues that are trending in 2022.

Soothing Green

This comes as no surprise as the color green’s popularity has been rising in recent years. For the bedroom, you want to choose a soothing sage tone such as the one pictured above.

Natural Neutrals

Let’s be honest, neutrals are always trending. I particularly like sand tones that warm up a space and add a little more visual interest than a simple white.

Calming Blues

Blue is known for having a calming effect. I prefer the textured, cloudy blue featured above that helps keep the color and décor from looking to coastal (unless of course you’re by the water or just love coastal decor).

Lovely Lilacs

You have to be careful not to elicit teenage vibes when using lilac tones. The one photoed above is a bit muddy and on the gray scale. This keeps the look elevated and sophisticated.

Warm Whites

White is tried and true for a reason. When selecting the right shade of white for your bedroom, it’s wise to select warmer tones to make the space feel more cozy and less clinical.

If you’re updating the color scheme of your home because you’re considering a move, contact me and let’s discuss the ways I can help!